Books Gathering Blue (Readers Circle)

  • Autor: Lois Lowry
  • Editor: Laurel Leaf
  • Last data published: 2016-11-23T08
  • ISBN: 0440229499
  • Format: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 224 pages
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Description Gathering Blue (Readers Circle) de Lois Lowry:

Lois Lowry's magnificent novel of the distant future, The Giver, is set in a highly technical and emotionally repressed society. This eagerly awaited companion volume, by contrast, takes place in a village with only the most rudimentary technology, where anger, greed, envy, and casual cruelty make ordinary people's lives short and brutish. This society, like the one portrayed in The Giver, is controlled by merciless authorities with their own complex agendas and secrets. And at the center of both stories there is a young person who is given the responsibility of preserving the memory of the culture--and who finds the vision to transform it. Kira, newly orphaned and lame from birth, is taken from the turmoil of the village to live in the grand Council Edifice because of her skill at embroidery. There she is given the task of restoring the historical pictures sewn on the robe worn at the annual Ruin Song Gathering, a solemn day-long performance of the story of their world's past. Down the hall lives Thomas the Carver, a young boy who works on the intricate symbols carved on the Singer's staff, and a tiny girl who is being trained as the next Singer. Over the three artists hovers the menace of authority, seemingly kind but suffocating to their creativity, and the dark secret at the heart of the Ruin Song. With the help of a cheerful waif called Matt and his little dog, Kira at last finds the way to the plant that will allow her to create the missing color--blue--and, symbolically, to find the courage to shape the future by following her art wherever it may lead. With astonishing originality, Lowry has again created a vivid and unforgettable setting for this thrilling story that raises profound questions about the mystery of art, the importance of memory, and the centrality of love. (Ages 10 and older) --Patty Campbell Details about this author is not observed or maybe may be eliminated within the ask on the writer. You could might be considering additional publications with the Lois Lowry. We were capable to get hold of most of the the majority of iformatsii for yourself. Intended for experts: our website isn't going to extend to consumer admittance your ebooks on our web sites solely initial more knowledge about the ebook. If you find that our site is actually infringing, make sure you write to us all regarding this and if you are actually the publisher these publications, we shall rapidly take away internet pages from my internet site.

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Genna Re: Gathering Blue (Readers Circle)

Thank you download link as 4!

Gildersleeve Re: Gathering Blue (Readers Circle)

I am totally absorbed in this book at first. thank you

Gillmer Re: Gathering Blue (Readers Circle)

I am totally absorbed in this book at first. thank you

Stardefender Re: Gathering Blue (Readers Circle)

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read

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I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read

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