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  • Autor: J W Johnson
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  • Last data published: 27 September 2015
  • ISBN: 1330283023
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Description The Canadian Accountant de J W Johnson:

Excerpt from The Canadian Accountant: A Text Book and Work of Reference in Bookkeeping, Advanced Accounting and General Commercial Knowledge Having regard to the present and future of the commerce of this country, and this continent, it is a good thing that a knowledge of the correct methods of keeping accounts is spreading- and that the necessity on the part of every one engaged in business, whether employer or employee, to acquire familiarity with the principles of bookkeeping, is becoming more fully recognized. The Canadian Accountant has been one of the instruments by which this knowledge has been spread, and this necessity created. Responsibility being the corollary of success, the authors have felt in the preparation of this (the fifteenth) edition of the book more than ever their responsibility to maintain the standard by which past success has been, and future success must be, achieved. The work has been again thoroughly revised, augmented and enriched- subjects have been enlarged upon, and others re-written- and a large amount of new, practical and original matter has been added. You will often see on invoices the words Are you insured? the intention on the part of the wholesale merchant being to remind those to whom he is distributing credit of the importance of keeping their goods insured. Another equally important and necessary question should be put by every dispenser of credit to every customer, Can you, and do you keep proper books of account? Wholesale merchants would be justified if they insisted upon seeing the balance sheet, taken from a well kept set cf double entry books, at the end of each year, of every customer who is indebted to them. There would be fewer bankrupts if the- did. The banks also would be justified, would avoid losses and set an example to the business community, if they required the firms for whom they discount to keep proper books and produce a balance sheet once a year. The Principles of bookkeeping do not change, and they are applicable to every kind of trade, exchange, commerce, manufacture or production. Having mastered them, the bookkeeper should be able to apply them to so record the transactions of any business that a full, complete and comprehensive exhibit of the present condition of affairs, and of the operations that produced it, may be always available. The knowledge of these principles conveyed in The Accountant, and their practical application under such diverse circumstances and conditions throughout the book, from the simple to the most complex, furnish an accurate guide, by which, either from demonstration, illustration or suggestion, these desirable and necessary facts can be ascertained by those who are aiming to be thorough and reliable, and consequently successful, business men. The Teacher and Student of Accounts will find The Accountant a complete text-book. The Practical Bookkeeper, the Managing Accountant, the Public Accountant, the Business Man, the Manufacturer, the Banker will find The Accountant a comprehensive and reliable work of reference. Along with the subject of bookkeeping proper, the cognate subjects of Banking and Finance, Business Papers and Correspondence, Commercial Arithmetic, Commercial Law and General Office Practice have received the attention they demand. The authors standpoint is that of long experience, study and observation as practical accountants, auditors, and business men, and experience in teaching accounts that has been exceptionally successful. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at Specifics of the writer can not be discovered or maybe has become taken away for the demand of the article author. You could possibly can be enthusiastic about different guides because of the J W Johnson. We had been capable to obtain the vast majority of a lot of iformatsii available for you. To get authors: our website will not include open obtain your current textbooks on our web pages just opening more knowledge about the book. If you think our website is actually infringing, you need to email us about it so if you are the actual publisher these books, i will rapidly take out web sites from website.

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I love this book and this idea. Reading is like breathing

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