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  • Autor: Tony Humphreys
  • Editor: Newleaf
  • Last data published: 01 October 2002
  • ISBN: 0717134520
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Description Examining Our Times de Tony Humphreys:

Tony Humphreys is one of Ireland's best known psychologists. In this selection of his articles from The Irish Times and the Irish Examiner , he writes about everyday issues that affect all of our lives: relationships- family- education- care of self- work and wellbeing. Have you ever found yourself desperately trying to understand what men really want, teenage rebellion, workplace bullying? Can mother-in-laws really ruin marriages? How do you deal with the power of anger, children out of control, the stress treadmill, illness? 'Examining our Times' looks at these and lots of other issues and sheds light on concerns which can challenge and confuse us in our lives today. Full of intelligent observation and sound suggestion, Tony Humphreys points to possible ways for each of us to address these issues, all of them central to the way we live now. Other books by Tony Humphreys A Different Kind of Discipline- Family, Love It and Leave It- Myself, My Partner- The Power of 'Negative' Thinking- Raising Your Child's Self-Esteem (audio cassette)- Raising Your Child's Self-Esteem (CD)- Self-Esteem for Adults (audio cassette)- Self-Esteem for Adults (CD) A Different kind of Teacher- Self-Esteem: The Key to Your Child's Future- Work and Worth. Dr Tony Humphreys is a clinical psychologist, lecturer and internationally acclaimed author of a number of books including 'The Power of "Negative" Thinking' and 'Work and Worth'. He has recorded three audio cassettes and his books have appeared in twenty-three foreign-language editions.

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