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  • Autor: Kaushik Viswanath
  • Editor: Hogs Back Books Ltd
  • Last data published: 30 November 2010
  • ISBN: 190743206X
  • Format: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 32 pages
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Description What? No Bananas? de Kaushik Viswanath:

Chakku the monkey chief decides that something has to be done to change the ways of his lazy and greedy tribe. But what? No bananas? That's going too far! Will the monkeys manage to survive a whole day without their favourite food? Ranade's charcoal and acrylic illustrations add a sense of mischief to this hilarious story by Viswanath. Ranade in an Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay where she established a masters course in animation. Her special interest is hand drawn animation and has undertaken numerous book illustration projects. She has just completed production design work on a 3D animated feature film, Alibaba And The 41 Thieves for Karadi Tales and is working on a feature film for the Children's Film Society of India. Viswanath's previous work includes Super Hathaman, published by Karadi Tales. Specifics of this author can not be uncovered as well as has been taken away for the obtain with the writer. You could possibly can be enthusiastic about additional ebooks from the Kaushik Viswanath. We had been capable to get hold of a lot of the most iformatsii for yourself. To get copy writers: web page will not include open entry your own ebooks on our websites only opening information regarding the hem ebook. If you think that our site is usually infringing, make sure you email us regarding this so if you are the actual author of such publications, i will rapidly take out web pages from the web site.

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Felkins Re: What? No Bananas?

I just read Chapter 1, and it is awesome.

Ragewood Re: What? No Bananas?

I can be relevant for a moment: My God, this book is excellent !!

Kerl Re: What? No Bananas?

I can be relevant for a moment: My God, this book is excellent !!

Tammi Re: What? No Bananas?

I can be relevant for a moment: My God, this book is outstanding !!

Travis Re: What? No Bananas?

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read

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