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  • Autor: Steve Ochs G E D
  • Editor: Createspace
  • Last data published: 11 February 2015
  • ISBN: 1499781865
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  • Number of page: 272 pages
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Description Midmen de Steve Ochs G E D:

Eighty percent of modern, middle-aged men are having what is known as a midlife crisis. These men represent the highest concentration of wealth, the longest terms of unemployment and (drum roll please) the highest rate of suicide. They also represent over four million inappropriate gold stud earrings, seventeen billion individual hair transplants and eight thousand miles of hairy muffin top. These are the MIDMEN. MIDMEN: The Modern Man's Guide to Surviving Midlife Crisis is more than just an informative self help book for a growing, if rapidly balding, generation. It is strong medicine dissolved into a spoonful of beer that men can easily digest. However, men are notoriously averse to buying self-help books and, because publishers know that, there isn't much out there. But they are the primary readers of humor books. Eureka. MIDMEN is a 50/50 blend of Louis CK and Dr. Phil. It's half Men are From Mars Women Are From Venus and half Tucker Max- kind of a Fifty Shades of John Grey. MIDMEN keeps the reader laughing as it spoon-feeds him genuine survival information. Covering areas as diverse as health, finance, family and death, MIDMEN leads its MIDMAN reader through an insidious series of sections and chapters that surreptitiously reinforce his sense of well being as he faces life's second half. MIDMEN: The Modern Man's Guide to Surviving Midlife Crisis is a frank - okay downright rude - collection of facts, quizzes and anecdotes that offers readers a way to identify what really matters in life and get it scheduled in by sharing wisdom like: "Who is a MIDMAN? He's the guy with eyes that can't stop looking at younger women who can't stop not giving a sh*t." "The average middle-aged couple has sex once a week, twice if they also sleep with each other." ..". the question, 'Are you pre-menstrual?' is famously punishable by death." "If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough." Men have felt this way about boobs for years, now we need to apply it to our dreams. Steve Ochs, GED, rose from a teenage felon to a respected stand up comic/TV writer/producer with credits spanning from network TV to HBO and Showtime. If you're the target audience for MIDMEN, you might recognize him as a comic from his appearances on Star Search (on one show he beat Martin Lawrence... whatever happened to that guy?) or as a writer from his credits on the multi Emmy-winning Rugrats. He returned to the stage in 2011 with a one man show called "Life in the Middle Ages," which was named Best of the Hollywood Fringe and inspired the MIDMEN book, which is itself being adapted into another one man show. The high point of his career so far was having his personal hero, Richard Pryor, call him a "funny motherf*cker."

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