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  • Autor: Theoni Pappas
  • Editor: Wide World Publishing,U.S.
  • Last data published: 25 August 2011
  • ISBN: 1884550622
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Description The Mathematics Calendar: [Special Edition] de Theoni Pappas:

Today more than ever THE MATHEMATICS CALENDAR reminds us how mathematics describes nature, impacts the sciences, is essential to architecture, influences the arts, is inseparable from music, exercises and tantalizes the mind with its puzzles and problems, stimulates and creates new technologies, and reveals the multi-dimensions of our world and universe through its ever evolving ideas and insights.
In mathematical circles THE MATHEMATICS CALENDAR has reached cult status.
33 years after its inception THE MATHEMATICS CALENDAR continues to awe its audience with its cutting edge math topics, its exciting graphics and mind-boggling problems. This calendar continues to be a hit with teachers, students, engineers, math buffs, puzzle lovers, and gift buyers.
The 2012 MATHEMATICS CALENDAR will be a "special edition"-- a retrospective. It will be a compilation of past years illustrating how this unique calendar evolved. Twelve months from over 32 years of work not only show how its present design evolved but also show the depth and breadth of math topics and their incredible influence on our lives.
EACH DAY OF EVERY MONTH HAS A PROBLEM, WHOSE SOLUTION IS THE DATE. The brain teaser lies in figuring how to arrive at the answer, and possibly discovering more than one method of solving the date's problem. For each month, the problems range from arithmetic to calculus.
EACH MONTH'S TEXT, PHOTOS and GRAPHICS have a wealth of information and are even sprinkled with a bit of humor. The twelve topics feature exciting, historic and current math ideas and topics.
Wherever it is seen, it's a conversation item because it is more than a calendar-- it has tantalizing problems on each day and a treasure trove of information, games, puzzles and stories. It stimulates curiosity and imagination. THERE'S IS NOTHING LIKE IT ON THE MARKET. It is uniquely designed, so that the answer to each day's problem is the date where the problem appears. Theoni Pappas is committed to demystifying mathematics. The MATHEMATICS CALENDAR has given thousands of people a new perspective about math --it can be fun, fascinating Specifics of the author can't be observed as well as has become taken out within the ask for on the publisher. You'll could be thinking about various other publications by way of the Theoni Pappas. I was capable to acquire most of the most iformatsii in your case. To get writers: this site won't extend to consumer accessibility a person's publications on our web pages just preliminary info on the book. If you think our website is definitely infringing, you should email all of us over it so if you are actually the article writer these textbooks, we will punctually remove websites from our web page.

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Conjurin Re: The Mathematics Calendar: [Special Edition]

I do not have enough good things to say about this book. It was fanstastique!

Dell Re: The Mathematics Calendar: [Special Edition]

Oh my God! This has to be one of ... if not the best book I've read. It was so well written, and the characters were all amazing.

Aurilas Re: The Mathematics Calendar: [Special Edition]

Oh my God! This has to be one of ... if not the best book I've read. It was so well written, and the characters were all amazing.

Diresong Re: The Mathematics Calendar: [Special Edition]

share good man!

Munidi Re: The Mathematics Calendar: [Special Edition]

I've waited so long for publication, it is my favorite book

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