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  • Autor: Heikki Mikkeli
  • Editor: Finnish Academy of Science
  • Last data published: 01 November 2000
  • ISBN: 9514108698
  • Format: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 195 pages
  • File Size: 49MB
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Description Hygiene de Heikki Mikkeli:

An intellectual history of hygiene in early modern medical tradition. In the Renaissance classical dietetics, as hygiene was then entitled, was rediscovered. Popular health books as well as academic treatises were written in order to give advice on how to maintain health and prolong life. In the 18th century attempts were made to build a new scientific hygiene based on mechanical philosophy and measurable methods. Finally, at the turn of the 19th century, the classical idea of private hygiene was replaced by the idea of public health for the whole society. This volume covers: the tradition of classical dietetics- the idea of preventive medicine in the Renaissance- popular health books -mirrors of academic teaching?- the fate of classical dietetics- the first history of hygiene - James Mackenzie's "History of Health"- and the French connection at the end of the 18th century. Info on the writer may not be discovered and also has become taken out within the request with the author. You could possibly can be considering some other publications through the Heikki Mikkeli. We had arrived in the position to collect the vast majority of most iformatsii in your case. For creators of these studies: our site would not include community obtain a person's publications on the websites exclusively preliminary details about the ebook. If you believe that our website can be infringing, be sure to write to us all regarding it so if you're actually the creator of these training books, we will rapidly clear away internet pages from the site.

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I am totally absorbed in this book at first. thank you

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