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  • Autor: Dayanara Blue Star
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  • Last data published: 17 March 2015
  • ISBN: 1508921784
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Description Spirit Animal Quiz de Dayanara Blue Star:

A spirit animal is believed to represent certain traits and skills that an individual is supposed to have. These traits and skills may already be present in you, or you maybe supposed to learn these in your life. Basically, your spirit animal can help you guide in your life purpose and make the right life decisions. So, what is your spirit animal? You may just want your spirit animal to be a lion. But this is not how it works. You don't choose your spirit animal. Your spirit animal chooses you. Your spirit animal is your spiritual guide and it has already chosen you. What you now need to do is find out what your spirit animal is and then follow its path or acquire its traits. Basically, the spirit animal maybe telling you what traits you need to acquire in your life currently. It may also be telling you about how you can solve your current life problems and move ahead in your spiritual journey. It may be telling you what steps or what roles you need to take to move ahead in your physical as well as spiritual life. In short, it may be telling you what qualities you possess or what characteristics you need to develop within you. Don't go wasting your time choosing your animal. You will only be frustrated and lose your spiritual path in life. Just find out which one it is and follow its guidance. You surely won't be disappointed. So, how can you find which one is your spirit animal? Quite simple- take the quiz on the next page and find out your spirit animal and its primary meaning. But there is one thing that you will need to realize. Once you do know your spirit guide, your job is not done. You need to take steps to get in touch with your spirit animal. This could involve meditating on your spirit animal or learning more about its traits or honoring it by wearing a piece of jewelry or clothing associated with your spirit animal. So, let's get started and find out your spirit animal! Dayanara Blue Star is not only an accomplished author but also a passionate practitioner of the Occult. She is the founder and CEO of the "Real Wiccan Spells School of Magic" and currently oversees various online training programs aimed at training those beginning on the path of the Occult as well as those wishing to advance further in their studies of the Occult arts. Check out Dayanara's books and audiobooks to learn more about the Wicca religion, how to develop your psychic abilities, how to use a pendulum for divination, how to use and understand the meaning of tarot cards, how to use runes for divination and much, much more! Here you will also find real wiccan spells for most every situation you may need to sort out in your life, such as love spells for reuniting with your long lost love or finding your soul mate, protection spells, binding spells, and more. If you need a personalized spell by Dayanara, just head over to her virtual store where you can place your order in a matter of minutes. Take your Wiccan practice to the next level by applying the power of numerology, magick power, and the power of deliberate creation and transform your life in ways you never thought possible! Subscribe to Dayanara's Newsletter to get the latest on Magick Spells, Magick Rituals, New Books on Magick and more!!

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Words can not express how this amazing book!

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I love this book! with the participation ...

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I love this book! with the participation ...

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I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever read

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